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The Fellow man
HD Video. 02.30 min

Director: Steinbock/Hjerl
Editor: Steinbock
Cast: Sahro Adan Ali, Idil Abdirahman Mahamed, Signe Utoft,Paasch Almar, Tina Elkjær, Joan Maibritt Heerwagen , Michael Rune Pedersen, Karsten Petersen, Martin Jensen, Henning Andersen.

The Fellow man was created in collaboration with video artist Sophie Hjerl. The concept was inspired by two unique actions within the church of Silkeborg's social work; The 'Immigrant Scheme' and 'Neighbourhood Mothers'. They offer help and care for refugees and those who struggle with different personal challenges. The video was exhibited in public space as a part of Silkeborg Exhibition.