House Without Windows (2011)

HD Video 06.55 min
Director Steinbock
Cinematographer Martin Munch
Editor Mikkel Blaabjerg Poulsen
Music Martin Hviid
Cast Josefine, Peter Lydholm

Steinbock's artistic methods of dealing with the balance between the human individuals and the categorized are clearly emerged in 'House Without Windows' where a blind man and a female sex worker meet in a hotel room. The blind person and the sex worker represent different categories in terms of identity, but in this arranged – yet also unchoreographed – encounter, they clearly emerge as human individuals.The observer follows the anticipatory preparations, the bouquet of flowers, the handling of the cash on the nightstand, both symbolically laden in terms of romantic and sexual exchanges. Then follows the tactile encounter between a man and a woman, tentative touch and hands that trace the curves of bodies. Blind people see with their hands whenever they meet other people. Lovers see with their hands, with their entire bodies, as it were. This is reflected in the way in which the film uses the body as a whole to tell the story of what it means to be human. Bringing the idea of how blind people predominantly use their sense of touch as a means of perception into the erotic sphere makes it accessible to anyone. In this paradox lies the attraction of the film in terms of its generated meaning. In all of these introverted, erotically laden images lies the aesthetic indulgence of the work. With pangs of vulnerability, the camera conveys a slow, gestured encounter and a tentative dance around the entwined relationship between power and tenderness and the inescapable human roleplaying that reaches into even the most intimate of situations.

Exhibition View Kunsthal Nikolaj 2012