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Divine decadence, darling HD 14.00 min on show at the exhibition ‘ Ablutions of the tongue’ at Rundetårn in Copenhagen until 12 of may 2020

Katrin Ströbel, Kristina Steinbock, Linda Lazer, Lissa Rivera, Peter Birkholm & Michael Schiøler, Sian Kristoffersen, Stella Geppert.

Exhibition period: 29.02.20-29.03-2020 There is a power in being viewed as normal. It implies that you are a part of the majority and thereby able to influence or define society. You have a voice and you’re visible; on the other hand you also have the privilege of exististing unnoticed, because you fit within a norm. But the 'normal' is created by being in opposition to something else - something that is different or other. The consequences of this dichotomy are many and have been through history. It leads to discrimination, to exclusion or confinement, to rejection, re-education, exile and genocide.

Pixxelpoint 2019 – 20. mednarodni festival sodobnih umetniških praks Nova Gorica/Gorica, 15.–23. 11. 2019 Pixxelpoint 2019 – 20th International Festival of Contemporary art Practices Nova Gorica/Gorizia, 15.–23. 11. 2019


The Space Before Sleep
US Premiere at FAFF  may 24-26  2019

The Fine Arts Film Festival (FAFF) is dedicated to showing the finest films in the world about art, photography, collectors and artists of all mediums in and out of their studios, galleries, museums, public art, and alternative art spaces. The 6th Annual Fine Arts Film Festival will be held on Thursday May 24 through Friday, May 25, 2019 at the historic Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center Theatre - which celebrates it's 50th Anniversary this year - and then Sunday, May 26 at ViCA/The Loft in San Pedro.

Featuring exceptionally creative and important films about art, artists, and the art world - many premiering for the first time in the United States - from countries around the world!

Space Before Sleep


10/05 2019 - 05/08 2019

Space before Sleep will be on show in the exhibition Portrait Now at The Museum Of National History

Selected Works on Blindness Solo Exhibition at Roundtower, Copenhagen november 2018

Interview from the Exhibition at Kulturen på P1 monday the 10 of november

Selected Works on Blindness released on Photobook Week Aarhus 2018
Photobook Week Aarhus celebrates its 5th edition from 4-7 October 2018
Since 2014, the Photobook Week Aarhus has been engaged with the photobook in all its facets and has presented a festival programme of international standing. For its 5th anniversary, Photobook Week Aarhus is showing works by renowned artists and promotes established and emerging talents, publishers, curators, printers and booksellers. The festival takes place at Aarhus School of Architecture, Galleri Image, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Dokk1 and Verpan design store.
This year’s theme, The Virtual and the Physical, will focus on digital developments in society and their significance for the photobook. The festival discusses the digitalism of photography and highlights concepts such as virtual reality and hyperrealism by looking at their cultural counter-images. The discussion of the festival thus adds to the current debate in society about the future of the book after the digital turn.

‘Deconstruction of Already Existing Knowledge Of Blindness’ Galleri Image 04 maj- 24 june 2018
The representation of blindness tends to focus on a marginalized disabled body with a defect, which rarely is viewed from a sensory bodily experience. How does identity exist in a visually dominated culture? And how can the stigmatization of the body with visual impairment be highlighted in new ways so that information moves sympathy towards empathy and understanding? This exhibition engages with such complexities and challenges common perceptions of those who are visually impaired.

In the exhibition Kristina Steinbock investigates the conception of blindness through cinematic, tactile, photographic, auditive and performative works. The viewer and the blind are bodily present in the world in two different ways. Kristina Steinbock collaborates with blind people to provide insight into a world they are otherwise detached from and try to create openings between the two worlds and break down prejudices

House Without Windows  screened at the Macula Incus program, Husets Theater september 2017

29.01.16 - 28.02.16

Huset for kunst og design Holstebro