The Space Before Sleep
HD Video. 16.00 min.
Director: Kristina Steinbock
Cinematographer: Sine Vadstrup Brooker
Editor: Julie Nymann Colourgrader: Ricco H. Hansen
Music: Vanessa Amara The video work which falls into three parts, is based on three themes of significance for the deprived human being: Religion, Sexuality and Motherhood
The sexual awakening can occur later for blind people. One of the facts is due to the barrier of reading body language, facial expressions, vibes etc. that can be difficult within the flirtation of foreplay. Blindness within the Bible is often described as something which should be cured and used as an image of stupidity, disobedience and ignorance.
Blind parents' inability to respond to gaze and eye contact does not harm their babies development. The relationship is accomplished through alternative techniques that are based on touch and hearing, rather than sight.The question of faith and christianity challenges the literary descriptions of blindness, where Jesus for instance heal the blind.