HD Video 03.00 min
Director Steinbock
Cinematographer  Balthazar Herdel
Editor Mikkel Blaabjerg Poulsen
Cast Samuel King Otoo and Willy Farnum.

Returning focus on a rendezvous between two retired sailors, one black and one white. The scene complies with our expectations concerning location and characters, but the relationship between the men unfolds ambivalently, poised in a wordless dialogue of glances and eye contact, a dialogue that is further heightened when the two men engage in an arm wrestling context – a classic masculine discipline.
The work also examines stereotypes about sailors; the masculine struggles they may have with each other, the women who reportedly were waiting in every port and a Private collections of Lady boys / androgynous beauties from Bugis street in the 1970 'ies brought home as trophies from Singapore by the danish sailors.